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A Ghibli Park !!

Hello, everyone ! I'm french but to be understood by everybody I'm going to speak english. A park is going to be create ! A park studio ghibli ! The dates are in 2020, something like that...

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Hi guys

I’m new to this app, but instantly OBSESSSSSSED, because anything Studio Ghibli is freakin dope
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Which one😀

  • Spirted Away
  • My nebior Totoro
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Where are you visiting from?
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Suggestions for editing

Hello all,
In an effort to expand the reach of the wiki, we will be taking suggestions for editing. What should we focus on? What we should add? Anything suggestion will be considered. Thank you. Please, contribute.
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Kiki's Delivery Service English dub

There are two versions of English dub.

In the first one released by Disney in 1998, there were more music and character lines, Kiki understands Jiji at the end of the movie, and the opening song "Soaring" and the ending song "I'm Gonna Fly", written and performed by Sydney Forest were in the movie. (The DVD released in 2003 was just the same.)

In the second one released in 2010, there were less music and character lines, Kiki doesn't understand Jiji like in the Japanese original version, and the opening song "Message of Rouge" (ルージュの伝言 Rūju no Dengon?, ), and the ending song "Wrapped in Kindness" (やさしさに包まれたなら Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara?), both performed by Yumi Matsutoya (credited as Yumi Arai) were in the movie.

Which English dub version do/did you like better?
English dub released in 1998
English dub released in 2010
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How Do You Live?

Film coming out in 2020 or 2021.
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Should Disney own the right to Studio Ghibli?

Disney (in my opinion) worked well with Studio Ghibli. "Kiki's Delivery Service" for example, was better when Disney released it in 1998. The reason is, Disney added more music to the film, made Kiki get all her power back, and best of all, the songs by Sydney Forest, "Soaring" and "I'm Gonna Fly". Also, Now that Disney owns Fox, that could use that to release the old Version of My Neighbor Totoro published by Fox (With the old version of the song "Hey Let's Go"). Of course, Disney is responsible for some of the Movies like "Ponyo" and "The Secret World Of Arrietty".
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About the movie

Which ghibli movie do you like the most
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Introducing the Announcements feature


FANDOM has recently released a new feature that I am sure will benefit this community, as well as many others, greatly – Announcements. This new feature allows administrators, assistants, and Discussions moderators to highlight a Discussions post using FANDOM's new notification system, meaning it will be delivered to all active users on the wiki, even mobile users. Thus, we will finally bridge the gap between the wiki and its Discussions.

However, there’s more: Announcements isn’t just for Discussions. In fact, I've made the wiki's first announcement direct users to a forum thread (this one) to make this point abundantly clear. Local staff members can use the feature to announce any URL on FANDOM; a forum, blog, or Discussions post; or even an article. However, there are some differences between announcements and the wiki's current "highlight" tool.

Firstly, while highlighting a post shares it with every logged-in user on the wiki, no matter where on the FANDOM platform they are! Announcements are only shown to users who have made an action (edit, upvote, or post) in the past 90 days. This ensures that users who stumble across the wiki but are not active community members will not be bothered by any announcements we make. Note that if a user makes their first action after an announcement is made, they still won't see that announcement, even if it has not expired yet.

One thing to remember though is that we can only have one announcement active at a time, and by default an announcement will last for 30 days. Fortunately, if we plan on making announcements more often than that (e.g. proposals, user rights requests, even role-play posts!), we can manually expire an announcement before 30 days have passed and just create a new one.

I hope you all enjoy this feature just as much as I am. Read more here,_a_new_way_to_notify_your_community

or feel free to contact FANDOM Staff using
Introducing Announcements, a new way to notify your community
Introducing Announcements, a new way to notify your community Community Central
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favourite studio ghibli film?

mines Princess Mononoke
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My friend

Hello my friend
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Which studio ghibli GIRL are you?

I got Satsuki!
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I am new to this fandom page. Thanks for letting me intrude.
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Favorite Studio Ghibli character?

My favorite is Chihiro.
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Welcome to the Studio Ghibli Community!
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Team project - Spirited Away

MechQuest did a great job adding pages from Spirited Away Wiki.

Now we should add more precisely content. Everybody are free to help.

All pages about Spirited Away:

.: Missing pages :.
Some pages are still missing from Spirited Away Wiki:

Stink Spirit

.: ToDo :.
Here is the list (with English translation):
{| class="wikitable"
|5. Flur||Top Floor||to add
|Badehaus-Arbeiter||Employees of the Bathhouse||to add
|Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland||Spirited Away||to correct
|Dōsojin-Statue||Dōsojin Statue||to add (from English Spirited Away Wiki : Statue)
|Faulgott||Stink Spirit||to add (from English Spirited Away Wiki)
|Große Wanne||Big Tub||to add
|Konpeitō||Konpeitō||to add (from English Spirited Away Wiki)
|Kräuter-Kloß||Herbs Medicine||to add
|Numahara||Numahara||to add
|Ogino||Family Ogino||to add
|Papiervogel||Shikigami||to add (from English Spirited Away Wiki)
|Prinzessin Mononoke (Urfassung)||Princess Mononoke (First Story)||to add
|Rotes Tor||Red Gate||to add
|Ryū||Ryū||to add
|Salamander||Salamander||to add
|Schwarzer Wurm||Black Worm||to add
|Schwein||Pig||to add
|Straßenrestaurant||Food Stall||to add
|Taringa-o-Moai||Taringa-o-Moai||to add
|Tochinoki||Tochinoki||to add
|Wasserzug||Sea Train||to add
|Yubabas Bauernhof||Yubaba's Farm||to add
|Yūya||Yūya||to add
|Zauberland-Magie||Spirit Realm Magic||to add
|Zenibas Siegel||Zeniba's Seal||to add
AllPages Spirited Away Wiki
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What is your favourite film?

There are so many wonderful films. It is hard to choose which one is a favourite. In fact all of them are my favourite.

If I had to choose, it would be Spirited Away and Arriety.
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