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• 9/6/2018

Kiki's Delivery Service English dub

There are two versions of English dub.

In the first one released by Disney in 1998, there were more music and character lines, Kiki understands Jiji at the end of the movie, and the opening song "Soaring" and the ending song "I'm Gonna Fly", written and performed by Sydney Forest were in the movie. (The DVD released in 2003 was just the same.)

In the second one released in 2010, there were less music and character lines, Kiki doesn't understand Jiji like in the Japanese original version, and the opening song "Message of Rouge" (ルージュの伝言 Rūju no Dengon?, ), and the ending song "Wrapped in Kindness" (やさしさに包まれたなら Yasashisa ni Tsutsumareta nara?), both performed by Yumi Matsutoya (credited as Yumi Arai) were in the movie.

Which English dub version do/did you like better?
English dub released in 1998
English dub released in 2010
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• 9/6/2018
The Disney one is pretty good.
• 9/6/2018
Which one do you mean?
• 9/17/2018
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