• EmuLuke23

    I have a questions and answers blog right here. If anyone is interested in asking me something, please go ahead and ask. It can be related to Studio Ghibli, but it doesn’t have to be.

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  • EmuLuke23

    My 5 favorite Studio Ghibli films are:

    5. Kiki’s Delivery Service.

    4. My Neighbor Totoro

    3. Ponyo

    2. Howl’s Moving Castle

    1. Spirited Away

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  • Rogue maltron


    April 8, 2018 by Rogue maltron

    it is sad that on thursday one of the greatest in anime left this physical realm,Takahata made as laugh and cry as kids with his stories so it is our responsibility as editors of this wiki to provide an accurate database of information to those who still hold takahata dear you shall never be forgotten takahata

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  • Ffejgao

    What was the first Studio Ghibli movie you people saw? I'm just curious. Mine was Castle in the Sky; It was glorious!

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  • Panda-Nin

    The shared images repository is activated for this wiki. You can use images from the German wiki without uploading new stuff.

    The German images don't show up in the image gallery. You find the images in the German wiki on category pages and voice cast pages. For Spirited Away you find the images on w:c:de.ghibli:Kategorie:Chihiros Reise ins Zauberland. And then scroll down.

    You can embed German images like you usually do with images of this wiki. For ' you get:

    It may helps to find the German movie title on the page w:c:de.ghibli:Ghibli-Werke.

    I know many English teacher said the German languages is similar to English one. But still German writing looks "awkward". I promise German sounds not good at all. I mean "Ich liebe dich" don't sound roma…

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