This article is about a character from Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea. For information about the Pom Poko character with a similar name, see Sasuke.

Don't worry, Ponyo. No matter what, I will protect you. I promise.

Sōsuke is the slender five-year-old Protagonist of Ponyo.


Sosuke is a about 5-year-old boy who wears a yellow t-shirt and brown shorts. His hair is dark brown with his hair shaven underneath. Also, he wears a sailor hat and binoculars.

​Role in the filmEdit

Sosuke is first seen when Lisa calls Sosuke come back here and he discovers Ponyo.

Ponyo and Sosuke underwater

Ponyo and Sosuke dive face in the Water


Sosuke is intelligent, smart, loyal, cute and heroic.


Sosuke is a 5-year-old boy and loves Ponyo in her human form.

Sōsuke holds Ponyo in pail

Behind by VoicesEdit

Sosuke was portrayed by Hiroki Doi in Japanese of 2008 and in English he as voiced by Frankie Jonas.

Parapheranalia Edit

Sosuke uses his Toy boat and green bucket until Ponyo come back her human form with a sailor hat and binoculars.

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